The Montessori philosophy and method of educating children was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. She believed that children learn by actively manipulating the interrelated materials. Through repetition of movement, incorporating the hand and the brain, the inherent lesson within the material becomes a part of the mind. Therefore, the intricate process of the Montessori classroom is successful because of the skillfully developed material and activities, and the meticulous method for administering them. All Montessori activities are designed to incorporate both the body and the mind to promote learning. The Montessori method is used both to help the child develop her senses and physical skills to teach her language, math geography, history and science.

Dr. Montessori was Italy’s first female physician. She was also a philosopher, anthropologist, teacher, author and lecturer. She spent her lifetime advocating children’s rights and social reform. Consequently, she was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 1907, her first model school for young children was established in Rome. she called it the “Casa die Bambini” (Children’s House). There she observed children and learned of their delight in an environment designed to meet their developing needs.